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Press Releases, 2/2/2017

The Foreign Ministry conducts its recruitment process according to law and candidates are assessed individually

Press release 23/2017
2 February 2017

In the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the recruitment process is conducted according to law and each candidate is examined individually. Security considerations are also taken seriously. The security assessment is influenced by the functions and duties of the post and whether the person will have access to classified information.

The candidate’s relations to foreign states must be viewed as a whole. Matters that should be considered include family and other personal relations, former nationalities, financial commitments, contacts, and earlier activities.

Dual or multiple nationality is not a problem as such, but vulnerability to pressure from foreign contacts is. In some cases, the nationality of another state, especially that of a non-EU and non-EEA country, may constitute a risk.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and its missions abroad employ staff with dual or multiple nationality already. We do not have a recruitment ban on persons with dual or multiple nationality. Neither do we maintain statistics or a register of Foreign Ministry staff with multiple nationality.

The Foreign Ministry does not comment on cases concerning individual persons. Persons seeking employment in the Foreign Ministry who consider that their rights have been infringed can resort to the normal legal remedies.

Inquiries: Ari Rouhe, Director General, Administrative Services, tel. tel. +358 295 350 679.

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