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Visual identity of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Finland’s diplomatic missions are responsible for representing Finland in the world. The visual identity of the Foreign Service conveys the message of Finland as a member of the global community.

The identity concept is crystallised in the logo, where the Lion of Finland is part of an ever-changing globe. The globe reflects global cycles and their movement. The Lion of Finland communicates credibility, stability and prosperity.

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The identity is designed to be flexible. It covers the traditional needs of the printed media and also adapts well to digital applications.

The globe image, a key element of the Foreign Service’s visual identity, functions dynamically in digital environments.

A specific user interface capable of receiving real-time data signals has been built for the globe of the logo. This enables the Foreign Service to communicate in a new way about themes important to it, and to visualise different aspects of world events.

The Foreign Ministry’s logo, visual identity material and templates are available in the Foreign Ministry’s media bank.

The Foreign Ministry’s graphic guidelines define and present the uses of the logo in various applications.


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